Egilea: Carmen Pérez-Llantada

Research genres across languages : multilingual communication online

At present, Web 2.0 technologies are making traditional research genres evolve and form complex genre assemblage with other genres online. This book takes the perspective of genre analysis to provide a timely examination of professional and public communication of science. It gives an updated overview on the increasing diversification of genres for communicating scientific research today by reviewing relevant theories that contribute an understanding of genre evolution and innovation in Web 2.0. The book also offers a much-needed critical enquiry into the dynamics of languages for academic and research communication and reflects on current language-related issues such as academic Englishes, ELF lects, translanguaging, polylanguaging and the multilingualisation of science. Additionally, it complements the critical reflections with data from small-scale specialised corpora and exploratory survey research. The book also includes pedagogical orientations for teaching/training researchers in the STEMM disciplines and proposes several avenues for future enquiry into research genres across languages.




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