Collaboration agreements


HABE Liburutegia's objective is to make available to society all documentation related to the topics in which the library specialises. To achieve this aim, it is of paramount importance to collaborate with other libraries and documentation centres, as well as with research groups and institutions.


To do so, HABE Liburutegia has signed collaboration agreements to, on the one hand, be involved in the networks that manage  documentary resources and, on the other hand, to be able to offer specific documentary services to research groups and institutions that work with the library's speciality fields.


Agreements with research groups and institutions


HABE Liburutegia collaborates with research groups and institutions that work on topics the library is specialised in. This line of work has reinforced itself in recent years and its objective is to offer online services and those adapted to its needs to these research groups and institutions.

Within this line of work, HABE has signed collaboration agreements with different research groups and institutions so they can make use of the services offered by the library.



As per the agreement signed with the University of the Basque Country, the library is collaborating with different research groups at the University.




Donostia Research Group on Education and Multilingualism


LAMS – Language Acquisition in Multilingual Settings



Psikolinguistika Laborategia




Munduko Hizkuntza Ondarearen UNESCO Katedra



Institute for Logic, Cognition, Language and Information



Hizkuntza Politikak eta Plangintza Unibertsitate Masterra




HABE has also signed agreements with other research groups and institutions.




Soziolinguistika Klusterra



Iker - Centre de recherche sur la langue et les textes basques


Mintzola - Ahozko Lantegia



Hiznet - Hizkuntza Plangintza Graduondokoa



Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language



Mondragon Unibertsitatea



Euskaltzaleen Topagunea



Udako Euskal Unibertsitatea



Euskararen Erakunde Publikoa





Agreements with library and document centre networks



Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias








Centre de Documentació de la Direcció General de Política Lingüística






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