Abouth the catalogue


The general catalogue is the library’s main reference tool. The HABE Liburutegia catalogue is also included in the Public Reading Network of the Basque Autonomous Community and can be consulted through its OPAC (online public access catalogue).


What kind of documents can I find in the catalogue?


Most of the documents included in the catalogue are books, but you can also find journals and magazines, audiovisual materials, computer files, Internet electronic resources.

You can run searches and locate the documents you are interested in.


How to run searches


What can I do if I sign in the OPAC (online public access catalogue)?


If you sign in the OPAC, you can carry out various tasks over the Internet.


How can I identify myself in the OPAC


Once you’ve identified yourself, you'll be able to: 

- Change your password

- See the items you have borrowed and renew them

- Request and reserve documents

- Express desiderata

- Create your bibliographies















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