Auteor: Ann Swarbrick

Aspects of teaching secondary modern foreign languages : perspectives on practice

This lively and inspiring collection of readings is divided into three sections: 'Developing teaching strategies and effective classroom management' covers all major aspects of classroom practice; 'Planning, evaluating and assessing MFL learning' is a guide to the day to day requirements and practicalities of MFL teaching; 'In search of a wider perspective' considers how MFL teaching might develop and expand, and its place outside the classroom. Fully engaged with teaching and learning MFL at a practical level, it illustrates concepts and good practice through a braod range of classroom-based examples and case studies.
Issues covered in this book include:
• maximising potential
• engaging pupils in their learning
• developing listening, reading and oral skills
• use of information communication technology
• assessment and differentiation
• broadening the content of MFL lessons
• role play in the language class
• MFL beyond the classroom.




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