Author: Caroline Torres, Kavita Rao

UDL for language learners

How do we help language learners—those whose primary language is not the language of instruction—become resourceful, motivated, and strategic?

In UDL for Language Learners, authors Caroline Torres and Kavita Rao address this critical problem of teaching practice. Whether they are newcomers or natural-born citizens, language learners are in a highly diverse group with widely varying needs, in addition to their language acquisition needs. Differences in academic and cultural backgrounds can present special challenges for teachers who are trying to help all of their students meet common goals and standards.

This book shows teachers how to plan for that variability and anticipate special challenges. The result: lessons that empower such students to achieve at high levels. Detailed vignettes illustrate how teachers can apply UDL in the classroom. The authors share strategies and design processes relevant to specific grades and content or skill areas.