These services enable the users of the HABE Liburutegia to access documents that are not available in the library’s collections, and users of other libraries may likewise access our collections.

Regarding interlibrary lending, the HABE Liburutegia belongs to two library networks: the Public Reading Network of the Basque Autonomous Community and the REBIUN network (Network of Spanish University Libraries). In both cases, we comply with the rules applied by each network.


Public Reading Network of the Basque Autonomous Community

As a member of the Public Reading Network of the Basque Autonomous Community, the HABE Liburutegia participates in the interlibrary lending service that the network offers through its catalogue.

What do you have to do to use this service?


- First of all, you have to be a user of one of the libraries in the Public Reading Network of the Basque Autonomous Community.

- Check out the network’s online catalogue and get the details of the documents you are interested in. Make sure the documents are not already in the library you are planning to borrow them from. 

- Go to the library where you want to borrow them and request the documents. The library will handle your request. 

- The documents will be collected from and returned to the library where the request was made to borrow them.


REBIUN network

The REBIUN network brings together the catalogues of the Spanish university libraries and of some other libraries (Biblioteca Nacional de España, Biblioteca de Catalunya, CSIC, HABE Liburutegia, etc.) into a single catalogue and establishes a series of rules governing the exchange of documents. Through its participation in this network, the HABE Liburutegia makes its collections available to the users of the university libraries; likewise, the HABE Liburutegia users can access the documents of these libraries.


• The libraries that are not part of either of these two networks can also make use of the interlibrary loan service.


Requests should be sent to the following email address:





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