HABE Liburutegia makes handbooks available with materials for learning and teaching languages. 




Mundua bete hitz


A catalogue of conversation handbooks at your disposal. Basic vocabulary in various languages to help you get by all over the world.



Frantsesa ikasi / frantsesa  irakatsi


Methods, reading material and films for learning and teaching French.


Filmak: zenbait hizkuntzatan ikusteko


A catalogue of films that can be seen in English, French, Turkish, German, Basque, Catalan, and many other languages.





Euskara : irakurgai mailakatuak / 2013


This handbook of reading materials classified by level came about in response to requests from many HABE Liburutegia users. The handbook offers a selection of reading texts which are most popular among teachers and students of Basque.



































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